200+ List Of Blog Niches Perfect For Making Money Online

Are you looking for a list of blog niches that can start making you money online? Here’s the best blogging niches to start generating affiliate revenue.

Blog Niche Ideas

There are a lot of blog niches out there that can make you money. But, not all of them are profitable. In order to find the most profitable blog niches, you need to know what they are!

In this article, we’ve put together a huge blog niche list to help you get started on your blogging journey. 

Check out this list of the most profitable blog niches so you can start making money online today!

Blog Niche List

When picking the right blog niche, always consider what target audience there might be, along with their pain points, desires, and needs. Ultimately, this is how you will monetize your blog niche idea.

Another thing to keep in mind when looking at this list of blog niches, is that each of these generalized niches can be sub-divided further. For example, Crypto Investing might be a sub-category of personal financing, while day trading Crypto would be a further sub-division of Crypto Investing.

Wherever there is enough interest, there is a niche!

Food Blogs

Some of the most successful blogs in the world are food blogs. And, the reason is simple. Everyone loves food!

The best part? It doesn’t have to be just cooking blogs. Food photography also makes for a great blog niche – you can even make a review blog for kitchen utensils and equipment!

Blogging about recipes or showing off your cooking skills can help you make money by getting more people to buy your eBooks or physical cookbooks, as well as affiliate sales with cookware.

If food sounds like too much of a commitment, you can also monetize blogs about specific cuisines such as Indian Recipes , French Cuisine , and more. Or, your blog could be focused on reviewing restaurants.

There are so many different types of food blogs. Here’s some suggestions of sub-divisions for potential food bloggers:

  • Recipes
  • Meal Planning
  • Coffee/Tea
  • Bakeries
  • Delis & Sandwich Shops
  • Restaurant Reviews or Recipes
  • Health-related Food Blogs
  • Food Photography
  • Food Allergies

Personal Finance Blogs

This is a great blog niche if you want to make money online. And, it’s actually one of the most profitable blogging niches as well.

Personal finance blogs can be broken down into a few sub-categories:

1. High Income Earning Blogs

These are personal finance blogs that focus on how people can earn more money and achieve financial freedom

If you’re good with money and making investments, then this type of blog can be a great source of affiliate revenue. For example, offering credit cards that pay out high rates of cash back on every purchase is a great way to monetize such a blog.

2. Low Income Earning Personal Finance Blogs

If you don’t make much money, but still want to learn ways on how to increase your savings and lower your debt while increasing your income, this type of blogging idea could be perfect for you. Don’t worry if you’re credit score isn’t so great either – there are a few affiliate ideas that might work well with a blog addressingthis market.

3. Debt Pay Off Blogs

Blog about debt pay off and devise a way to help people get out of debt as quickly as possible. You can teach them how they can cut down on their expenses through budgeting, increase their income, and automate payments – ultimately helping them become financially free by paying off all their debts in a reasonable timeframe.

4. Real Estate Investing and Home Buying Blogs

Real estate is another trustworthy blog niche that can help you make money online through affiliate marketing. It’s also a great way to monetize your blog if you already have experience buying houses, making money on real estate investments, or even building rental properties for passive income.

5. Money Management Blogs

Learn about making money in the financial markets, investing in cryptocurrencies or commodities. You can even monetize your blog by selling courses on how to manage one’s money effectively, and when it’s best to buy and sell.

Lifestyle Blogs

Some people are more interested in reading blogs about people’s lives than they are about products or brand names. So, lifestyle blogs make our list of blog niches to consider!

This generally includes blogs that give tips on how to live a better life, travel the world, have a more fulfilling career, etc.

Blogging about these topics will help you get more readers who return day after day – if you offer them the right content of course!

Some ideas for lifestyle niche blogs include: advice on how to achieve work-life balance, living a green and eco-friendly lifestyle, yoga and meditation blogs, blogging tips for beginners.

Fashion Blogs

This is another type of blog that can make you money if done correctly. You’ll need to research your fashion market and determine what kind of content will be popular in order to get more readers who are in that niche.

Some good ways in which you can monetize a fashion blog include selling advertising space, affiliate links, selling digital products such as ebooks, offering fashion consultation services, etc.

Blogging niche ideas in the realm of fashion include :

  • Fashion Trends & News
  • Your Favorite Celebrity Style
  • Prom Dresses
  • Workplace Wardrobe Inspiration

Computers and Technology Blogs

Here’s a type of blog that can make you money as soon as it starts earning decent traffic. There are tons of affiliate programs out there, eager to pay anyone who can drive traffic to their website.

You could write about anything related to technology: mobile phones, video games, the latest software and gadgets , etc.

Not a fan of technology? How about a blog about one’s experience with parenting in the digital age where everything from diapers to baby food has an accompanying app, website or gadget associated with it?

Parenting Blogs

One idea for a niche for your blog could be parenting. If you have a unique perspective on parenting, then you might want to chose this as your blog topic. This is a market that could be profitable for you if done correctly!

You can write about how to raise kids from toddlers through teenagers and everything in between, from the latest trends in toys and books for infants , to raising responsible preteens and teenagers

You can include tips on how to be a good parent, effective parenting styles, getting through your child’s tantrums, etc.

Health and Wellness Blogs

Wellness niches are continually growing, so blogging about this topic can be very profitable. You can blog about anything related to wellness, from fitness tips, dieting advice, beauty tips, travel and stress-relieving ideas.

If personal branding is your thing, then you may want to consider a health or wellness blogger blog as it will position you as an expert in the health and wellness industry. This can be a very profitable blog niche if done correctly!

You can write about the latest trends in green living, sustainable food production , or anything to do with healthy living. You can also offer wellness coaching services on your blog to provide relevant content for your readers

Some ideas of things you could include on your health andwellness niche blog are:

  • Sleep Aid
  • Drink Water to Look Younger
  • Stress Relief Ideas for Busy Moms
  • Health Benefits of Tea

Frugal Living Blogs

With inflation being a key issue as we start 2022, the word recession may not be far behind. If this happens, more people will be searching for blog post ideas on how to live more frugally and economically. Some ideas for frugal living blog topics could be:

  • Saving Money on Groceries
  • How to Save Money by Eating Leftovers
  • Homemade Cleaning Products
  • Simple Living Tips

We think this will be one of the more growth areas in our list of blog niches with a lot of potential.

Fitness Blogs

Some of the most profitable blogs are in the fitness niches. Some appeal to specific age groups, while other appeal to more generalized concepts.

You can write about fitness trends, your favorite workouts and exercises, healthy eating ideas , or you could be an expert in a certain type of exercise such as yoga or Pilates.

Blogging niche ideas for the health and fitness market include:

  • Weight Loss Blogs
  • Protein Shakes
  • Yoga and Meditation Blogs
  • Homemade Protein Bars
  • Weight Lifting
  • Callesthenics

Relationship Blog

Some of the most popular blogs on the net are to do with relationships. If this type of blog is your thing, then go for it!

  • Blogging niche ideas that are related to relationships include:
  • Tips for Getting Over a Breakup
  • How to Get Your Ex Back
  • How to Know If Someone Likes You
  • Tricks to Save Money on Dates

Self Improvement Niches

This is one of the top blog niches in the world. If you have a unique perspective on self improvement, then this might be your perfect blog niche idea!

There are so many topics to write about when it comes to this niche, from career or job changes , to ideas about personal growth and how to improve yourself in any way possible . It’s all up to you!

Some ideas for blogging niche ideas in the self improvement market include:

  • How to Improve Your Self Esteem
  • Goal Setting Tips
  • Job Opportunities If You Don’t Have a Degree
  • How to be more confident

DIY Blogs

When it comes to website niches, few are as helpful to people as a good DIY blog. You can get ideas on how to improve your home, make repairs, or learn how to do almost anything yourself.

  • Blogging niche ideas in this market include:
  • How To Save Money Doing Home Repairs
  • DIY Project Ideas for a Newlywed Couple
  • Do It Yourself Wedding Projects
  • How to Build a Recycling Bin

Travel Blog Niches

One of the biggest niches you can look at when considering what blog to start is the travel niche. Travel bloggers are making a living from their blog, and you can too!

You can write about your experiences in specific countries, cities or regions . Or you could be a travel writer who is an expert when it comes to certain types of transportation such as trains

Or maybe you’d like to do some general writing related to the travel niche. Some ideas for travel blogging topics include:

  • Finding Cheap Flights
  • Travel Tips for Solo Women
  • Best Places to Visit in Europe

Choosing a Profitable Blog Niche

So, now you’ve seen just how many different blog topics there are, how do you find a good blog niche for yourself? It’s a tough choice!

Here’s a few suggestions:

  1. Brainstorm blog topics that you’re interested in
  2. Find the top blogs in your chosen topic and see what they do to make money
  3. Check out other profitable niches as well, such as travel or parenting
  4. Figure out which niche you’ll still be interested in writing about 5 years from now
  5. Finally, remember to be original. Don’t just start a blog on the most popular topic because everyone else is doing it!
  6. Get going!

What next after I choose a blog niche?

Once you have chosen a good website niche, the next step to take is to secure a domain name and get hosting! Read our guide to naming your blog next. When your blog name and hosting has been finalized, move on to our website launch checklist.

Blog Niche FAQ

Finding a profitable niche is a key step to making money blogging, especially if affiliate marketing is going to be the key way you monetize your new blog. Some of the most commonly asked questions readers have include:

What are the most profitable blog niches?

Some profitable blog niche ideas include : Relationship blogs, Personal finance blogs, Fashion blogs, Parenting blogs, Health and wellness blogs.

How do I find my blog niche?

The best way to find your blog niche is to brainstorm topics that you’re interested in, and then do some research to see what other blogs in that topic area are doing to make money. You can also look at other profitable niches such as travel or parenting for inspiration. Just remember to be original and choose a niche that you’ll still be interested in writing about 5 years from now. Finally, get started by securing a domain name and hosting!

What is best niche for a blog in 2022?

With talk of the Metaverse being the trend of the moment, anyone getting in early on the Metaverse niche will be well positioned for the future, although there may not be immediate returns.

What are the best blog niches for 2022?

Some good nice ideas for 2022 include SEO/blogging niches, travel niches (the growth in online travel has been exponential over the years), parenting niches , finance-related blog niches.

List of Blog Niches Conclusion

There are a multitude of blog niches that you can consider when starting your own blog. The list we’ve provided is just a sampling of the most profitable and interesting blog niches that you can delve into. Remember to think about what interests you and go from there! Also, don’t forget to get started by securing a domain name and hosting- it’s the first step on your road to blogging success.

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